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using a pen and notebook for planning an online hotel distribution strategy

How to Plan an Effective Online Hotel Distribution Strategy

analyzing data while planning an online hotel distribution strategyCan I be completely honest with you?


I’m not a fan of OTAs. I’m turned-off by how much money these concentrated companies make by working as middle-men in guests’ booking process.


It’s definitely frustrating as a small business owner.


That said, there’s no getting around including them in your online hotel distribution strategy. In only a about a decade, they’ve developed massive followings and the revenue to match.

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try to get a sunrise walk of the wormsloe historic site when you plan your trip to savannah ga

How to Plan the Perfect Trip to Savannah, Georgia

historic district homes in savannah, ga. wandering around downtown is a must-do on a trip to savannah, georgiaBefore I start, I have to get something off my chest.


Charlestonians call Savannah the slutty younger sister of Charleston.


To some degree, the connotation sticks:

  1. Open container laws
  2. Bachelorette parties galore
  3. Heavy drinking on River Street
  4. Saint Patrick’s Day in general

But don’t judge a book by it’s cover!


Savannah, Georgia, is worth exploring in its own right. The two sister cities, as Charleston and Savannah are called, are more different than people give them credit.

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